Have us work onsite with your organization’s staff and teams!  We can bring presentations, workshops, or wellness retreats to you.  We offer a variety of onsite presentations and workshops or we can create one tailored to your team and organization’s needs.  Areas of focus can include weight loss (we can conduct weight loss support groups and group coaching sessions right on site), the importance of stress reduction and strategies, understanding chronic health conditions, creating department wellness initiates, leadership development through prioritizing self care, staff wellness retreats, and more!

Included in this service is our desire to give back to our communities and provide onsite events to non-profits and underserved community organizations pro-bono.  It is our mission to support the health of the individuals who are doing important work in our communities so they can continue to do this work without suffering the health consequences that can come from dedicating ourselves to our life’s purpose and mission.  Please contact us if you are a part of a non profit organization or if you know of one that we can reach out to!