Mindfulness X

Mindfulness X is an eight-session mindfulness program designed to help individuals learn more about mindfulness, how to practice it and learn the skills and incorporate this mindset into their daily way of living and leading. In a confidential environment, along with other leaders or managers in their respective fields, you will learn more about and practice:

1. Attention and the Now
2. Automaticity
3. Judgment
4. Acceptance
5. Goals
6. Compassion
7. The Ego
8. Integration

Mindfulness X was created by psychologist and researcher Dr. Hugo Alberts who has been exploring the practical and scientific side of mindfulness through controlled lab and field studies for the past 12 years. To date he’s published over 20 articles for academia on this topic and in a previous role he was Associate Professor at the University of Maastricht.

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Resilience & Thriving: Online Group Training & Workshop

We all have an innate ability to deal with stress. Actually, this ability to deal with stress also helps us to learn and grow from stress and can even transform stress into something that helps us prosper and thrive. This course will help you strengthen this ‘raw coping power’ because it expands our capacity to have greater health, happiness, and success in life. To heighten our ability, we need to take critical steps in two areas of our life:

(1) Build a Healthy Lifestyle – so we can become a well-BEING

(2) Be ABLE to choose effective coping strategies

This is an interactive webinar workshop that will have participants learning:

1 – The stress cycle and how this effects our health

2 – Knowledge on how to build a healthy lifestyle so we have the ABILITY to thrive

3 – Effective coping strategies for overcoming stress and life’s challenges and how to build this into our daily living


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Contact us to find out when our next session dates are! This workshop is limited to 15 participants.