Mindfulness X

Mindfulness X is an eight-session mindfulness program designed to help individuals learn more about mindfulness, how to practice it and learn the skills and incorporate this mindset into their daily way of living and leading. In a confidential environment, along with other leaders or managers in their respective fields, you will learn more about and practice:

1. Attention and the Now
2. Automaticity
3. Judgment
4. Acceptance
5. Goals
6. Compassion
7. The Ego
8. Integration

Mindfulness X was created by psychologist and researcher Dr. Hugo Alberts who has been exploring the practical and scientific side of mindfulness through controlled lab and field studies for the past 12 years. To date he’s published over 20 articles for academia on this topic and in a previous role he was Associate Professor at the University of Maastricht.

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Resilience & Thriving: Online Group Training & Workshop

We all have an innate ability to deal with stress. Actually, this ability to deal with stress also helps us to learn and grow from stress and can even transform stress into something that helps us prosper and thrive. This course will help you strengthen this ‘raw coping power’ because it expands our capacity to have greater health, happiness, and success in life. To heighten our ability, we need to take critical steps in two areas of our life:

(1) Build a Healthy Lifestyle – so we can become a well-BEING

(2) Be ABLE to choose effective coping strategies

This is an interactive webinar workshop that will have participants learning:

1 – The stress cycle and how this effects our health

2 – Knowledge on how to build a healthy lifestyle so we have the ABILITY to thrive

3 – Effective coping strategies for overcoming stress and life’s challenges and how to build this into our daily living


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Contact us to find out when our next session dates are! This workshop is limited to 15 participants.

Elevate your wellness.  Health and Wellness Coaching can help clients identify what “wellness” means to them individually.  By helping discover the areas in our lives that need more attention, and how to develop new skills and habits, it can result in reaching our healthy living goals. I feel whole wellness is best when individuals can find balance in all areas of their lives. Wellness coaching is a good alternative for anyone that has tried many other programs before but continue to return to old behavior patterns.  Common areas of focus can include:

    • Education and support with healthy habits and routines to optimize physical health
    • Weight loss, boosting immunity and reversing chronic conditions through education
    • Work/life balance, stress reduction strategies, and mindfulness training

Sessions are FREE while individuals learn about their health and the necessary behavior modifications and lifestyle changes that will be required to improve desired health outcomes. If a long term coaching relationship is desired for continued support and accountability, packages are below.  **For anyone experiencing financial hardships, payments and appropriate pricing arrangements can be made.


3 Session Package = $280

6 Session Package = $530

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Have us work with your organization’s staff and teams!  We can bring presentations, workshops, or wellness retreats to you.  Currently, these are being offered virtually.  We offer a variety of onsite presentations and workshops or we can create one tailored to your team and organization’s needs.  Areas of focus can include mindfulness training, meditation retreats, resiliency education, the importance of stress reduction and strategies, understanding chronic health conditions, and leadership development through prioritizing self care, and more!

Included in this service is our desire to give back to our communities and provide onsite events to non-profits and underserved community organizations pro-bono.  It is our mission to support the health of the individuals who are doing important work in our communities so they can continue to do this work without suffering the health consequences that can come from dedicating ourselves to our life’s purpose and mission.  Please contact us if you are a part of a non profit organization or if you know of a community or organization that would benefit from our services.

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