About Us

Our current culture and environment has changed. It can be almost impossible for people to obtain the tools and help necessary to reach their highest potential. And since the beginning of 2020, we are more aware of the importance of our well-being and physical health.  Many current work cultures are just surviving, not thriving, and leaders are being asked to do more and know more around their employees’ health and well-being needs and what it takes to have a healthy and thriving work force.

Our goal is to help elevate individuals and organizations above and beyond our current culture’s challenges so that we can reach our goals and live more productive and healthy existences = Elevate our health. Elevate our minds. Elevate our relationships. Elevate our work cultures. Elevate our leadership well-being. Elevate our lives.

Our Coaches

Jenny Hendricks is the Owner of Elevated Cultures, LLC. She is a strategic engagement consultant and working closely with HR teams, has built and implemented organizational employee wellness strategies for several large organizations. She has been in the wellness, fitness, and corporate wellness industries for more than 25 years. As a long time Group Fitness Instructor, Trainer, and Coach in her early career, she feels this was her training ground where she learned about human “engagement” and witnessing, what she calls, “live research, observations, and data” around how we engage, how we’re motivated, how our cultures directly impact our health outcomes, and how vulnerable and self critical we can be when it comes to our health.  While Jenny held a dozen or so fitness related certifications during her career, she is also a certified Health and Wellness Coach, certified Mindfulness teacher – offers the course “Mindfulness X”, a facilitator for the well known corporate course – “Resilience and Thriving”, and is a licensed State of Illinois Health/Life Insurance Producer. Jenny has coached hundreds of people whose goals are to improve their health, fitness, lose weight, reduce stress, and improve their quality of living.

Jenny feels we are now in a state of emergency in public health.  We now understand how we’re all interconnected.  Everyone’s health should be EVEYONE’s concern. We are observing that in our communities, in our work environments, in our schools, and from our leadership that now more than ever our health and well-being needs need to be of the utmost priority and that everyone needs to have daily hits at the “brain gym”.

She also believes understanding how our body’s work and how to get help is a human right.  We all deserve to understand:

    • What we need to thrive
    • How stress impacts our health, how to reduces it’s affects and build resilience
    • How to build our immunity, which is especially important right now in response to COVID-19
    • How to prevent chronic conditions and get regular help to support the reversal of cormodities
    • How to live more mindfully so we’re happier, we’re better listeners, we respond better to challenges, we’re better in our relationships, we’re better parents, we’re better colleagues, and better leaders
    • How to utilize our community resources and find access to quality health care

Since everyone deserves an opportunity to learn about their health and the necessary tools to live a holistically healthy life, all basic 1:1 coaching, courses, and programs are FREE. We also offer all of our onsite or webinar programs pro-bono to non-profit organizations and underserved communities free of charge as well.  **When individuals feel the need to establish a longer accountability relationship for support sustaining the newly learned desired routines, payment for a longer term coaching relationship can be discussed.

Lisa Bloomquist BS, MSHR has over 20 years of experience in the Human Resources field and has been published in academic journals related to her work.  She serves as a member of Loyola University’s Adjunct Faculty in Chicago where she enjoys teaching Organizational Psychology to MBA and MSHR students.  Her current research focuses on the study of narcissism in the workplace. She has written three best-selling books on the topic of narcissistic abuse to help survivors find their path forward. She provides one-on-one coaching and closed community online group support for those in a relationship with a narcissist, whether that be of a personal or professional nature.  Visit her at www.thepathforwardnow.com for more information.