About Us

Our current culture and environment has changed in recent years. It can be very challenging for people to obtain the tools necessary to reach their highest potential. Unfortunately, many current work cultures are just surviving, not thriving.

Lisa and Jenny have joined forces to help individuals and organizations elevate themselves above and beyond the status quo. We do this through 1:1 online coaching, online webinars, accountability, and support groups, and onsite lectures and workshops.

Our goal is to elevate individuals and organizations above and beyond our current culture’s challenges so that we can reach our goals and live more productive and healthy existences.

Our Coaches

Jenny Hendricks, B.S., CHWC, is the Owner of Elevated Cultures, LLC and brings over 20 years’ experience in fitness instruction and training, health and wellness coaching, health education, and corporate wellness programming into her coaching and workshops. Jenny has coached hundreds of people whose goals are to improve fitness, lose weight, reduce stress, and improve their quality of living. A certified group fitness instructor for almost 25 years, she feels her experience in the fitness industry has made her understand the importance of engagement when it comes to individuals participating in programs and maintaining new healthy lifestyle skills and she believes leaders in a business or corporation are the key to elevating their company’s cultures and their employee’s wellbeing. According to Jenny – the state of one’s health and weight management efforts is “complicated’.  For many, it’s not a quick fix and everyone deserves to learn the skill sets necessary to maximize their own health and happiness.  She helps her clients discover areas in their lives that need attention and collaborates with them to overcome everyday barriers that prevent optimal wellness.

You know how we can all feel like we’re constantly re-doing or starting over on our health routines?  Always trying the latest diet or fitness trend, doing yet another detox, or cleanse, or “re-boot”.  Well Jenny helps her clients put an end to the diet drama.  Through exploring our lifestyles, experiences, health challenges, and goals, she creates plans and strategies for her clients to make healthy living manageable and serves as ally and mentor to help them stay motivated to keep prioritizing their health and self care.  Working with her is a partnership, she will collaborate with you to create an individualized plan that is customized to fit your unique, individual needs.

Lisa Bloomquist BS, MSHR has over 20 years of experience in the Human Resources field and has been published in academic journals related to her work.  Her current research focuses on the study of narcissism in the workplace. She has written three best-selling books on the topic of narcissistic abuse to help survivors find their path forward after being in a toxic relationship. She provides one-on-one coaching and live group online support for those in a relationship with a narcissist, whether that be of a personal or professional nature. Lisa also serves as a member of Loyola University’s Adjunct Faculty in Chicago where she enjoys teaching Organizational Psychology to MBA and MSHR students.  Visit her at www.thepathforwardnow.com for more information.