Tuesday’s Election is the Battle for America’s Soul
Tuesday’s Election is the Battle for America’s Soul

It is obvious that Trump enjoys stirring the pot. In true narcissistic form, he is the Inciter-In-Chief and has no interest in unifying our country. He will poke, prod and provoke people only so he can sit back and watch the show unfold in front of him. Narcissists are sadistic. They truly enjoy watching people suffer at their expense. It makes them feel omnipotent instead of impotent.

We often don’t realize how fortunate we are until someone attempts to take it away from us. Trump is destroying everything that makes me proud to be an American. Tuesday’s election is truly the battle for America’s soul. Everything this country stands for is at stake in this election.

While Trump is not on the ballot, Tuesday’s election is a referendum on him. Trump has completely dismantled the Republican party. It is now the Party of Trump, Fox News and a handful of billionaire donors who support Trump’s racist, misogynistic and nationalistic ideas.

It is my hope people are finally starting to see Trump’s true colors, hateful rhetoric and divisive nature. In light of recent events, I cannot imagine remaining blind to it. He currently refers to the caravan of people seeking asylum in our country as an invasion of terrorists. He has even warned if someone has a rock, his troops will treat it as a gun. Yes, he is sending thousands of troops to the border!

Trump is a dictator wannabe. He is an insufferable narcissist who frauded millions of people into voting for him under the guise that he will support and prop up the middle class. Instead, he’s completely obliterating it. His tax cuts and deregulation policies are creating even more income inequality.

Trump brings out the dark side in people, not just because he pokes and prods, but because he incites and encourages aggression. His ego is so fragile that he sees no issue gaslighting the entire world just to ensure he doesn’t feel so dead inside. He enjoys watching others suffer because it validates his own existence. Tweeting about the chaos and collateral damage he’s created is the only thing that makes him feel alive. It’s not just pure entertainment to him, but it’s necessary in order to sustain him.

This week’s election day is a referendum on Trump….his way of thinking, his racism, his misogyny and his radical abuse of power. Since Republicans in Congress refuse to keep his power in check, our only hope is to break Republican control of Washington by voting blue.

While Trump has already stoked racial and ethnic hatred in our country, let’s not allow him to take it a step further by nullifying years of legal protection for people’s democratic rights. Exercise your right to vote. We are not powerless. We must take back our country and put some checks and balances into place.

The fabric of any society is held together by a common set of core principles, which includes decency, truth, respect, empathy, common purpose and giving hate no safe harbor. Without this, we stand no chance. Trump’s rhetoric is divisive. Our children are listening. Our silence is complicity. Get out and vote blue on November 6th.

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