Fall Health and Wellness Reboot Tips!
Fall is a typical time of year with the change of the seasons when many of us feel like we need to get back to our healthy living routines or maybe start on the journey of a new health goal.  We’d like to offer some tips to help you with your fall health and wellness reboot!


  • We make an important decision with our fork every day.  What we choose to eat has profound implications on our health, our ability to lose weight, deal with stress, and function well every day.
  • Start cooking again and increase the amount real, plant-based food in your diet.  We have become food consumers, not producers or preparers.  This has encouraged an easily accessible diet consisting mostly of processed, convenient, artificial food that is now linked to many chronic health conditions.
  • Move more and increase the intensity of your fitness activities.  Our society has become more sedentary and we are now suffering from conditions linked to sedentary living.  In a recent study, experts actually found that people who engaged in the HIGHEST levels of totally physical activity were twice as likely to avoid stroke, heart disease, angina, cancer, diabetes, and be in optimal physical and mental strength 10 years later.


  • Change your behaviors and prioritize your health routines in to your day.  Our behaviors dictate our beliefs about ourselves and the world.  If we eat unhealthy food, how does that influence our sense of identity?  How we act and what we do, what we EAT and how we MOVE shapes our internal identity.  When we make personal commitments to ourselves and stay consistent with our routines, we can create an immediate psychological upgrade that begins to have an effect on how we feel about ourselves.

WHY:   When we know it’s good for us, why can’t we make this a lifestyle?

  • Evaluate your environments.  They are powerful and are the biggest influence on every aspect of our health and well-being.  What habits and behaviors are you adopting from your environment and the people you spend the most time with?
  • Regularly practice stress management.  Too many environments cause people to live in a constant state of low to mid-grade stress and chronic stress has become a way of life.  Chronically elevated stress levels lead to weight gain, affect our immune systems, and increase our risk for chronic disease.

If you’re always finding you are continually “starting over” with your health routines – i.e. trying the latest diet trend, re-detoxing, re-cleansing, restarting exercise routines, etc., you may find having a Health and Wellness Coach in your corner is what is the missing link.  Through thorough interviewing and exploration, coaching can help us find out what is blocking us from adapting our healthy living behaviors and the ability to consistently keep with those routines and more important, a coach offers accountability.  When we are held accountable, we comply, when we comply we reach goals!  If you’d like to learn more, we’d love to hear from you and hear your story.  All consultations are FREE.



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