What is an “elevated culture?”

Elevated:  Situated or placed higher than the surrounding area.

Our current culture makes it difficult to lead healthy and productive lives as there have been drastic changes in the way we live.  We spend too much time on our phones, technology now does most of our work for us, there are more anxiety and stress disorders, and our diet consists of larger food portions, and calorie dense processed, convenient fast food.  Unhealthy food is easy to get, it’s everywhere we go and less expensive than ever.  Fruit and vegetable consumption is declining, there has been a decline in daily physical activity, and fewer Americans are taking time to prioritize their self care.  In order to live the healthy and productive lives we’re striving for, it’s almost as if we have to “elevate” above our environment and surroundings to be able to successfully follow through with our daily intentions and habits.  Here is what “elevated” means to us:

Elevated health knowledge – knowing how to improve our health, knowing the behaviors necessary, knowing how to find the right kind of doctor’s and resources, and knowing what we should be eating to support whole health
Elevated health skill setspracticed, and feeling competent and confident in the daily routines necessary to improve our health
Elevated mental skill sets – feeling good about our bodies, regular practice of healthy coping skills for life’s challenges and stress, and happy with where we are at the present time in our lives and careers
Elevated sense of well-being – feeling physically capable and strong, balanced, and a life with a sense of purpose
Elevated awareness and mindfulness – We know how to clear our minds, we are able to listen, show up, and be present in our daily interactions
Elevated understanding of differences – We are comfortable and eager to engage with people who are different from us
Elevated organizations – They advocate, inspire, and are authentic with their employees and teams. They encourage their employees to practice self care, and engage in respectful communication
Elevated communities – Connected people who promote equality, inclusion, prosperity, community activism, and support

“When you take care of yourself, you’re a better person to others.  When you feel good about yourself, you treat others better.”

~ Solange

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