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Elevated Cultures

Culture is everything. The right culture fosters an environment in which individuals and organizations can achieve their highest potential. For individuals, their surrounding culture impacts their success, health and overall well-being. For organizations, company culture determines their employees’ job satisfaction, which ultimately determines their organization’s ability to succeed and compete for talent.

Elevated Cultures helps individuals and organizations elevate themselves above and beyond the status quo. We do this through 1:1 coaching, webinars, and onsite lectures and workshops. Our goal is to elevate individuals and organizations above and beyond our current culture’s challenges so that we can live more productive and healthy existences.

What We Offer

Education and Training

Mindfulness X Mindfulness X is an eight-session mindfulness program designed to help individuals learn more about mindfulness, how to practice it...

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Health and Wellness Coaching

Elevate your wellness. Health and Wellness Coaching can help clients identify what “wellness” means to them individually. By helping discover...

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Speaking and Onsite Workshops

We can bring presentations, workshops, or wellness retreats right to your business and staff! Contact us to discuss what you would like to bring...

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"Working with Jenny has given me clarity in my fitness goals.  Her approach was not weight loss specific, but life "adjustments".  By writing out a clear goal of what I wanted my outcome to look like, I dramatically changed things in my life that were not working and ultimately kept me from my weight loss goal.  Jenny is compassionate, encouraging and her methods are realistic.  Working with her has given me a more balanced life, thus the time to focus on myself without guilt or excuse! I am down several pounds and still losing."


"Lisa's work transformed my vision of being a desolate “sensitive” into one of personal strength and integrity, one step at a time. My gratitude is immeasurable."


"I’ve stayed on the path thanks to Lisa. She really gets it, her intentions are pure, and she has helped give me the strength which has made me a more confident person. I highly recommend connecting with Lisa and reading her books."


"I am forever grateful for Lisa’s beautiful spirit and the tireless help she provided me – she is completely devoted to her mission of helping others."


"Lisa always kept it real with me, even if she had to “hit me over the head with a chair” (just kidding!) several times for me to get it! She told me things I didn’t want to hear. It hurt. It forced me to think. I tried to think against it. Then I realized that she was right. Do yourself a favor and connect with her. Lisa’s insights were spot on from the beginning, it took me time to accept and see them, but I am back to being productive again in all aspects of my life."